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  • Can I take courses at my own pace?

    Yes! This is what makes the School of Wisdom so awesome. You can take classes at your own pace day or night.

  • How long are the lessons?

    Lesson length varies from course to course and even lesson to lesson. Some lessons are short and can be completed in 10 minutes. Other lessons make take an hour to get through. No worries though, you can always pick up where you leave off.

  • Is there a phone number for support?

    Yes of course. Phone assistance is available at 763-200-1988. If we are unable to answer right away, leave a voicemail and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

  • What if I have other questions before purhcase?

    No problem! You can direct all questions to staff@sowunited.com which is the fastest way or call during support hours at 1-763-200-1988